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How to Design a Xbox Logo, Step by Step Tutorial With PSD Source

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April 06,  2010 2 Comments
How to Design a Xbox Logo, Step by Step Tutorial With PSD Source

[1] Open a new document of 1024 x 768 Pixels with white background.

[2] Create a new layer and make a selection with the help of Polygonal Lasso Tool

[3] Fill it with Dark Green or take my color 45862C

[4] Select Palygonal Lasso Tool again and split that layer into 4 parts as shown

[5] Now Select your Upper Left Layer and Select a Gradient Tool
and set its color as shown

[6] Now Drag Your Gradient Tool from Left to Right to make a Result like this

[7] Do it again on the other side or another step is that you can copy this layer and paste it on other side.

[8] Repeat this step again on bottom parts

Your image should be like this

[9] Now Duplicate the lower right layer by pressing Ctrl+J

[10] Open Blending options of this layer and set its gradient

now you have something like this

[11] Now make a selection on duplicated layer with the help of polygonal lasso tool.

[12] Now fill it the grey color,your image will be like this

[13] Repeat this step on other side or simple duplicate this layer on other side

[14] Repeat this on the upper layers as well

[15] our logo is ready,lets make a background for it,create a new layer behind all layers and fill it with white,then open blending options of this layer and set these gradient settings

now you have something like this.

[16] Search Xbox logo on Google or you can download mine

[17] Press Ctrl + T to Transform it and set on the bottom side and your Stylish XBox Logo is Ready

Thanks for reading