[1] Take a new file of 1280 pixels, 1024 pixels, of resolution 72 dpi in the RGB mode

[2] Make a New Layer and fill that with Gradient.

Your Page Should Be Like This

[3] Make a Circle With Elliptical Marquee Tool on a New Layer
and fill it with DA2A01 and drag it down like image below.

[4] Now make a new layer and take Shape “Registration Target 2″ from Shapes Options.

[5] Fill it with black color and set Opacity to 5%

[6] Now Search Brushes “Trees,Animals,Birds and Clouds” From Davientart.com or Brusheezy.com or Google.

[7] After Searching and Downloading Brushes..lets Play with Some brushes Tools to make A Scene more Impressive.

[8] Add some Trees 1st and make sure your Foreground Color is set to Black.

[9] Now Add Some Birds.

[10] After that its Time to Add Some Cloude on Sky and For the Clouds your Foreground color must be A84409.

[11] Finally Add some Animals on a new layer in black color.
And Your Sunset Scene is Ready.