Today in a quick tutorial we will teach you to quickly change specific color in a image, without effecting other colors as well.We will use Selective color Technique. Make your color changes fast and precisely.

Step 1.

Open any of your image, i am using some red sports car

Step 2.

Now Go to Image> Adjustment> Selective Color

Step 3.

Now Select your desired color from the drop down menu that you want to change from the image, our car has red color so we will select Reds

Step 4.

Now its time to play with magic slides, keep an eye on your selective color, and keep playing with color slides to meet your desired color.

wow thats what we have a new color car

Step 5.

Now lets change the color of selective area, grab any selection tool from the Tools and make selection randomly

Step 6.

Again open Selective Color and play with color slides, now this time only the Color inside the selection will be changed.

Thats the result

Hope you liked learning this quick but outstanding technique to change your specific colors in seconds.