Today we are going to teach you to create clipping mask on your texts or graphics, this is very useful and commonly used technique, we are using three different images to put into our text Jeans, Wood and Stone. so lets get started.

Step 1.

Create a document of any size and type your text into it.

Step 2.

Now open and drag any of your image into your document, make sure your text layer is under that image. i am using Jeans Cloth.

Step 3.

Now we are going to Add Clipping Mask, there are two ways to add this mask, 1st is to Hold ALT and click between two layers, other is select your image layer, right click on it and select Create Clipping Mask as shown below

here you go, as you can see, our jeans cloth is clipped into our text, this is what Clipping Masking all about.

Step 4.

Now Select your text layer, we are going to add little effects to make it look cool. open blending options and apply shadow and bevel.

Now our text is looking much better with these effect and clipping mask

Zoom View

Step 5.

Similarly you can add multiple images if you want and can apply clipping mask.we are going to add wooden floor.

now the stone wallpaper.

Thats our final image

Other samples made by the same technique

Keep experimenting and have fun :)
Happy Clipping Masking.