Today we are going to create a Black board with wooden frame with the help of filter effects, very easy and useful for your educational promotional ads or banners.

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Step 1.

Open a new document of your desired resolution, i used 1166 x 1024 px, then create a new layer and fill it up with some dark grey color, i used #090909

Step 2.

Now go to Filter > Noise > Add Noise and apply the given settings, this will be our Black board.

Step 3.

Now Create a new layer and set foreground color to #993803 and background color to FE7902 then fill your color with foreground color as shown.

Step 4.

Now with these selected colors go to Filter> Render > Fibers and apply the given values, this will be our wooden frame

now you will have something like that on your document

Step 5.

Time to transform this layer, press Ctrl+T and click and drag from right side to left to make it look like one sided border as shown

Step 6.

Simply duplicate this layer by pressing Ctrl+J and move it on the other side

Step 7.

Now Again Press Ctrl+T and move it to 90 degrees to make it look horizontal line and fit on the top as shown

Step 8.

Duplicate this top frame layer and drag it to bottom to make full wooden frame.

Step 9.

Now Select any single frame layer and open blending options and apply some bevel to make it look more realistic

here it is after applying bevel on our right single frame

Step 10.

Simply copy/paste layer style on other wooden layers too

Step 11.

Now Select Rounded Rectangle Tool and set its radius to 20 px and make a selection on the inner side of frame as shown, dont make selection on black area, keep the selection on the wooden frame

Step 12.

Now one by one select wooden layer and press delete button, in the end you will have this nice looking rounded frame

Step 13.

Our Black board and wooden frame is ready, you can add text now, i used DK Crayon Crumble Font for the text.
that’s our Final Look

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Hope you liked this tutorial.