Today in a quick but handy tutorial we are going to teach you to add reflection and shadow under your images to give them more impressive look.This is very commonly used effect.Adding this reflection & shadow is very easy method to add depth and little bit of sophistication to your designs.

See The Difference

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Step 1.

Open your any design or image in photoshop. i am using these Shiny Wet Coca Cola Cans.

Step 2.

1st we will add shadow, for this create a new layer and select Elliptical Marquee Tool (M) and make a thin oval shaped selection under your can and fill it with black as shown.

Step 3.

Now go to Filter > Blur > Motion Blur and apply appropriate pixels according to your image, i m applying 123 pixels according to the bottom of can.

Step 4.

Now place it exactly under your image as shown, now its looking much better.

Step 5.

We will apply same method for other Can.

Step 6.

We are done with the Shadows, now we are going to add reflection, for this Duplicate your image layer by Pressing Ctrl + J or quick method to duplicate is simply Hold Alt key and Press Down Arrow Key once, then drag it downwards, after that Press Ctrl+T and select Flip Vertical to reverse the image as shown.

Now you will have something like that

Step 7.

Now Go to Layers Palette and add Vector Mask to your duplicated layer as shown.

Step 8.

Now Select Gradient Tool and Press Shift key then Click and Drag Mouse Downwards according to the given image

Keep playing with Gradient until you get your desired Reflection.

Thats our Final Image.

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I hope you have enjoyed learning this tutorial & this technique have inspired some new thoughts and ideas for your next design too.