[1] Take a new file of 1280 pixels, 1024 pixels, of resolution 72 dpi in the RGB mode.

[2] Create a new layer and fill it with white and Goto Filter>sketch>halftone pattern and put the settings as given.

[3] Now you have got Straight Lines on Page,press Ctrl+T to rotate it like given below.

[4] Now Go to Filter>Noise>Add Noise and put the Settings as Given Below.

[5] Make a selection with the rectangular marquee tool.
This will be a width of rope so adjust it as u like.

[6] Press Ctrl+Shft+J to copy the selection to a new layer.
Hide the 1st Layer Layer.
and Set the rope in the center of page.

[7] To Make it Round,Goto>filter>distort>polar coordinates and choose rectangular to polar.

Your Image should be like that.

[8] Now Open Blending Options for this Rope and put these Settings.

[9] Now You Have Got Something like that

[10] Now Duplicate this layer 5,6 Times by Pressing Ctrl+J,and drag each layer 2,3 pixels forward
and make sure to clear Layer Style Properties of the duplicated layers.

[11] Now time to make end of rope,
Unhide the very 1st layer again and make a selection and copy it to a new layer by pressing Ctrl+Shift+J and hide all other layers temporarily.

[12] Now Rotate the Rope to 90 Degrees by press Ctrl+T

[13] Now its time to make it wavy Goto> Filter>distort>Shear
and set the Waves as shown

Your Rope should be like this.

[14] Now Unhide all rope layers and set this one on them and copy layer style’s from other rope layers and paste on this wavy one.

[15] Add a layer mask one wavy Layer and Choose a large soft black brush and paint the end of the rope and it will fade smoothly into the rope layers.

So Your Realistic Rope Is Ready…You Can Change its Color By Merging all layers and opening Hue/Saturation Option.

its Done…Thanks for reading..!!!