How to Design a Black and White Football, Step by Step Tutorial With PSD Source

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[1] Take a new file of 1280 pixels, 1024 pixels, of resolution 72 dpi in the RGB mode with a white background.

[2] Now Make a round shape on a new layer with Ellipse Tool and fill it with ACACAC

[3] Now make another circle on a new layer and fill it with white

[4] Now Goto>Filter>Blur>Gaussian Blur> and set Radius to 35 Pixels.

[5] Now Duplicate this layer and press Ctrl+T to transform it as shown.

[6] Now Select the 1st Grey Circle and Take the “Burn Tool” & then create the following Shading with the help of Burn Tool.

[7] Now make a shape like that with a help of Pen tool.

[8] And Fill it with Color 262626

[9] Make Other Shapes like that on a new layer and keep filling with the same color.

[10] Open Blending Options and set these Bevel Settings to all the layers except the 1st cirle.

Your image should be like this.

[11] Select the “Brush Tool” set the brush size 2 Pixels.

[12] Now create a new layer make sure your forground is set to #dddddd.

[13] Now Make a line with pen tool and right click on it and click stroke and select Ok to Brush.

[14] Now make all lines with the help of pen tool and your football is like that

[15] Your Football is almost ready.

[16] its time to make its shadow,make an oval shape on a new laye and fill it with black as shown.

[17] Goto>Filters>Blur>Gaussian Blur> set its properties as shown.

Its Done…!!
Thanks For Reading…!!!

Click here to Download Psd Source

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