How to Create Water Rain Drops, Step By Step Tutorial with PSD Source

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Today let’s try to make something special like an artificial rain drop using our Adobe Photoshop. Just follow the simple steps. Hope that you will enjoy the tutorial. Ok ready?

1. Open an image. Better take a Picture of a greenish leaf. So that it will looks more attractive or you can get mine by downloading PSD file.

2. Create a new layer named “Drop1” and select the Elliptical Marquee Tool and make a selection which looks like a drop on the leaf

3. Click on the Gradient Tool Set the foreground color as “Gray” and the Background color as “White” and drag from left to right in the selection

4. Now Simply Change the blending mode of the layer to Overlay as shown.

Now you will have something like that

5. Open Blending option of that layer and set its Drop & Inner Shadow Values as shown Below

Now you will have something like that

6. For the Glow Effect, make a new layer named “Glow” and Set the Foreground Colour to White and select the Brush and make a small dot in the drop as shown

7. now lets make it look little real, For making the curved drops select the drop layer and go to Filter>>>Liquify and make appropriate shap and hit OK as shown below

Now you’ll have something like that

Similarly you can make more drops of different sizes and shapes :)

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