[1] Take a new file of 1280 pixels, 1024 pixels, of resolution 72 dpi in the RGB mode

[2] fill it with black and type Text of your Choice.

[3] Go to Filter > Blur >Blur, Apply this Filter thrice
and your image should be like this.

[4] Duplicate your Text Layer.
and Apply Filters > Pixelate>Mosaic with a 30 pixels Setting and
set Opacity to 50%.

[5] Apply Filters> Sharpen> Sharpen 3 times to the Duplicated Layer.

[6] Press Ctrl + U or open Hue/Saturation and set these Settings.

[7] Your Image is Ready now Press Ctrl+E to Merge Down and Press Ctrl+J to duplicate merged layer.Press Ctrl+T to Tronsform it and rotate it 180 degree, and add Layer Mask on it and apply Black and white Gradient and your Image should be like this.

[8] Now its Time to Give Some Effects on Background,Select your Background and Goto Filters > Render > Lighting Effects and put these settings given below.

So Your Cubic Text Image is Ready…!!!