App design

The concept of an app can be impressive. A very good app will bring something to the person’s everyday life and deliver on engagement and experience. The app is only as good as the design in some cases; users rely as much on the layout of the app and rate it almost as important as the utility of the app itself.

App design is what can take an app to the next level. The quality of the app lies in the function of the app and the design of the app itself. Paying attention to the layout of the app will make your app more marketable and improve the end user experience. The key ingredients to a wonderful design are simplicity, predictability and aesthetics.

Users rely on visual cues to learn how to navigate an application. The icons guide the actions and direct the user to take certain actions when they arrive at a given point in the app. Sound app design takes the guesswork out of the icons for the user toying with the application. The app’s icons combine principles of familiarity and aesthetics to guide the user experience. The user’s ability to easily manipulate objects within the user interface gets the person quickly acclimated to the experience.

Wallpapers in app design effectively brand the app. The person opens the app and the connection to the brand is instantaneous. The person recognizes the brand, and through repeated use, the person quickly forms a relationship with the application and brand simultaneously. The wallpaper can serve as a background for ads to be displayed within the application or remind users of an upcoming update.

Custom app design matches the function and purpose of the app to the right aesthetics. Colors, textures and patterns can be matched to the purpose of the app. Customized templates can be developed completely from scratch or through templates to create the perfect custom app design. Experimenting with the various design elements can create an upscale experience and set expectations in the mind of the user.

Any developer considering app design should devote as much time as possible to making use of smart design elements and layouts that improves the user experience.